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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I'm Back

Hello there blogland. I'm back. DH and I took the kids on a long car trip to Utah to visit my SIL. DH's mom was also coming down from Idaho, so we made a great little family gathering of it. It was really a very good trip and I'm so glad we went. I'm also very glad to be home It's funny how you never sleep quite as well in someone else's bed and getting back to your own is so wonderful.

My SIL has 5 kids. 4 boys that are all older than mine and a little girl that falls right between mine in age. They are really very good kids and I was thrilled when they all wanted to play with my little guys. Even the 15 yr old wanted to play with Alex. The kids spent most of every day outside in Heather's yard and Alex came in every evening with his hair plastered down with sweat and crashed as soon as his head hit the pillow at bed time. It was wonderful to be able to have some adult time and to see the kids having such a wonderful time playing. Laynee and Shaya were fast friends and I think both of them were glad to have another girl to play with. Heather has a trampoline in her back yard and that seemed to be the kids favorite place to play. I hadn't been on a tramp since I was about 10 and I have to tell you. It's quite the work out. I'm very sorry to say though that after 3 kids I have to be far more careful about jumping. I think I need to do more Kegal exercises if you know what I mean...

Here is Laynee and Shaya on the tramp. Aren't they so cute?!

Heather's family is very active in sports and the like and are always on the run. I have to admit I don't know how they do it. Their calendar usually has at least 3 things on it every day! Their second son Skyler had 2 soccer games while we were there. Here he is in the first of those 2. He's the blond in the red shirt in the middle. They lost this game, but won the second game. Isn't the scenery beautiful?! This was in Logan. I love Colorado, but I really think that northern Utah just might be prettier. If it was just a little less windy I think I could happily live there :D

Their youngest son is in gymnastics and can do things that I can't even begin to try. On Monday he had an exhibition and we got to watch him in action. Tate is only 8 I think, and is one of the youngest kids in his class, but is rather large for his age. He's definitely talented. I just wish he didn't have asthma to worry about as well as how high he's flying through the air!
One of the coaches did his competition routine for us while we were waiting for them to rotate stations, and I decided I definitely couldn't do gymnastics (aside from the fact that I'm too old). You see, I'm afraid of heights, and they go VERY high on this trampoline. I think if he had wanted too he could have touched the rafters of the gym here. He sure came close (the coach, not Tate. He's only 8!)

On our trip I did get to do some knitting. I'm blessed in that I don't get car sick very easily so I can read and knit and the like. I finally finished my Somewhat Cowl, but am seriously thinking of frogging it back to the cowl or something. It just seems a bit large on me I think. I made the 36" size. My bust measured at 37, but the sweater is definitely too large around the waist. It's nice, but it's not exactly as sexy as I had hoped :( I even had to decrease stitches on the sleeves so that

Last but not least, I started some socks as my main project while we were away. I started them on Friday and was truly afraid that they wouldn't last the weekend. Isn't that every knitter's fear? That they'll run out of things to knit?! Well, no fear, because this is all I got accomplished. These are in Knitpicks yarn and each ball is 215 yrds or something like that. It says that you will need 2 to make an adult sized pair of socks, so I dutifully bought 2. I knit them toe up so that I could get the most for my yarn and just kept knitting. I realized just how far 200 some odd yards will get you when the sock started creeping up my calf. These darn things are knee socks! I think the $6 or whatever for 2 balls of yarn is definitely worth it when I get knee length wool socks out of the bargain. These will be wonderful for horse back riding. You wear your boots on the inside of your jeans (unless you ride English, then you've got those knee high boots) and if your socks don't go up high enough the boot tops will rub some nice raw spots on your legs by the end of the day. These will be wonderful at preventing that :D


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