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Monday, February 16, 2009

Addictive bit of lace

The February Phatfiber sampler box went on sale today! It is a sampler box full of stitch markers, mini-skeins of yarn, batts of spinning fiber, and all things lovely fiber. I was aproached 2 months ago to contribute to February's box with the theme of "Romance and Chocolate". I sent in my samples of 90yrds of my luscious Recycled Lace Weight Extra Fine Merino Wool, with a white freshwater pearl infinity ring stitch marker attached. Unfortunately, in my excitement to get them out I neglected to take a picture. I kept waiting for them to make an appearance on the phatfiber blog, but they never did. They made a brief appearance in the second video, though.

I got to thinking, though, 90yrds of laceweight looks like such a tiny little skein, but is really MUCH more than you think. So, what exactly can you make with just 90 yrds?

How about a Kerchief? A super quick, highly addictive, Ostrich Feather lace Kerchief to be exact!

Pattern to come shortly! Stay tuned!

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Blogger Katsara said...

This is enchanting and you beautifully photographed. It inspires me to try one using my painted merino lace!

9:11 AM  

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