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Monday, January 09, 2006

Yea! Time for some pictures!

Yea! How about a nice picture of my kiddos, recently downloaded from the camera, to brighten everyone's day.

Ok, now onto the FO's that I've been promising you. I didn't take pictures of the gloves, or mittens that I made people for Christmas, so you don't get everything, but here's what I've got:

This is the Teddy Bear that I made for my niece's 1st birthday. It is done in black Bernat Boa yarn, with nose and paw pads done in grey Red Heart Supersaver yarn. He stands (or sits as the case may be) at about 15 inches tall. If you too would like to make one, you can find the pattern here.

This is my dad's Birthday hat. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of it on my Dad. That's my semi-sleepy looking Hubby.

This is my very first pair of adult socks ever. It has a lacy pattern on the ankle that doesn't show up very well on film. They are done in Red Heart Luster Sheen Acrylic yarn. The socks came from this pattern. They ended up being a bit big for me. I think my gauge was off. I just can't bring myself to frog them, so maybe I'll keep them, or maybe I'll find them a good home with someone whom they will fit. Anyone out there have size 8 to 9-ish wide feet?

These are the sweet little baby socks that I made for my daughter yesterday. Here are her tiny 2 yr old feet modeling them. They were done in Red Heart Luster Shine. I LOVE baby socks. They are so quick and easy. It's practically instant gratification.

Finally, this is the lone lady bug sock I have sitting on my desk. I made a pair of these for my niece for Christmas, in addition to a pair identical to my daughter's above, and a pair of white lacy socks using the same pattern I did for my blue adult socks. The pattern came from "Vogue Knitting Socks." This little sock, however, will remain forever mateless. While it is very cute, the ankle is far too small to ever fit a foot inside of it. This was one of my 3 attempts at getting the ankle tension correct before completing the final pair for my niece. I didn't notice that it was too small until I had already completed it and tried to put it on my daughter as a test. It was too much effort to frog it, so I simply started over with a new sock. I suppose if I ever need any white yarn to make another pair of tiny socks, I can scavenge this 1 a bit, but until then it'll probably get lost somewhere in my stash, or sit on my desk forever.


Blogger Cathy said...

Hiya Dawn! Those socks are awesome! I love how the baby socks look with the little saddle shoes! That bear is adorable! Great job with everything! Oh and those tiny pony tail holders, I have them too! Lots of uses for those. They're really good for keeping your needles paired up.

6:42 AM  
Blogger Anastacia said...

Cute ladybug socks. I have that pattern, too, and I've been dying to make some adult sized for me.

2:22 PM  

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