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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Baby Blanket

I got a week ahead of myself and thought the knitting Olympics started on Friday, but they don't start until this coming Friday. When someone in one of my yahoo groups pointed out my mistake, I needed something to do for a week since I still couldn't start on my sweater. Thus, we have the baby blanket. My baby blanket is loosely based on this one pictured in "Creature Comforts" by Amy Bahrt. I had bought some Caron Simply soft a little while ago to use for teddy bears. Remember I had such great visions on how quickly I could make those Debbie Bliss teddy bears? Remember I wanted to make all the clothes? Well, this was the yarn I was going to do it in. I figured this was a better option than letting it just sit in the stash forever. I had 3 colors of blue, white, tan, and purple. I decided that since my baby is supposed to be a boy, the 3 different blues would be a good choice.This is what I have so far. Looking pretty good huh? It is completed in insartia, which makes for a beautiful blanket, but leaves a bazillion strings hanging off to get all tangled together. It also leaves a lot of little strings that I'll have to weave in later. The elephant is completed in light blue, and I'm working on the giraffe now. The simply soft yarn is soooo soft. It just makes me want to bury my face in it and snuggle up. That's exactly what you want in a baby blanket though :D


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