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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Flash your knitting bag

I am attempting to make some knitting bags to put in my store. These are made from intentionally felted wool sweaters with nice designs on them. I have been asking the Knittingparent's group what they like in a knitting bag so that I can try to make a really nice bag. It seems that the biggest things are that it is big enough to hold knitting, but not too cumbersome, and that it will stay closed.

Here is my first attempt.

I used the fabric from a pair of pretty colored polyester pants for the lining, and the belt from an ultrasuede trench coat for the strap. It is really floppy and I'm hoping that if I get a purse frame to close the top it will have a lot more body.

It is very sad to say that most of the time, I use a gallon sized zip lock bag and just throw it in the diaper bag, or my "Going outside basket"


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