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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I'm a finisher

The Dish Cloth Baby Blanket Part II
This one's for Brendan
Pattern: Lion Brand's Diagonal Baby Blanket
Yarn: Lion Brand Homespun in Colonial
Needles: Size 10.5 Audi Turbo circular

I managed to finish not 1, but 2 WIP's! I adore this baby blanket. As you may remember, I made one for my friend's baby shower. I almost kept it because I loved it so much, but DH forcefully pointed out that it was in fact for Sebastian and that I DID in fact have a few more skeins of this yarn to make Brendan his own blanket. I've been working on this almost exclusively in the car as we drive back and forth places, so it's taken a bit, but is wonderful mindless knitting. I wove in the all the ends just in time to tuck Brendan into bed with it last night. Yea!Of course FO's for my kids require full scale photo shoots. Plus I haven't shown nearly enough cute baby pics lately, so here they are!
And then we were done. As you can see, Brendan is quite proficient at crawling at this point. In fact, he's proficient at pulling up and standing as well. He really thinks he should be able to cruise along furniture, but he usually only manages a few steps. Yikes! Kid slow down. I'm not ready for you to be walking!

I also finished the Ugly socks for my mom. Pattern: Generic toe up pattern using the heal from Sensational Knitted Socks. As you may remember, I used heel stitch on both the bottom of the heal and the back. Let's hope it feels ok to walk on, and wears well!
Yarn: Simple Stripes from Knitpicks in Sunset.

Tell me if the picture on their website doesn't lie on the color... Here's their picture:

Now that I have managed to finish both of my take along projects, I needed a new one. Since the weather dipped down into the 30's the last few days, I think it's time for new mittens for the kids! First up purple mittens for Shaya in my own handspun! I hope they turn out all right.


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