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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

All the rage

I assume you all have heard about Patons SWS because it seems to be all the rage. It is proported as a wonderful felting yarn and a new, cheaper alternative to Noro. I had to go to Michaels today to buy some beads for a custom row counter order and low and behold it was $1 off. This still means that it was $5 a ball, but heck, it was on sale right?! I bought 1 of each color because I REALLY wanted to try it out in some mitered squares like this blanket from Mason Dixon:
I ADORE this blanket! I love how it is random, and yet it all fits so beautifully together. I'm not really into the whole changing colors and weaving in a bazillion ends, though. I'm opting for self striping yarn instead. Thus the Paton's SWS. Here's my first miter swatch:
This is Natural earth. I had read someone say that this yarn didn't have a pattern repeat, but it certainly seems to to me. It goes from rust to olive, to tan, to mauve, to black, and then back again in reverse. I LOVE how it striped up in this mitered square pattern. My vote is still out on the yarn it's self, though.

The yarn is a very loosely spun single ply yarn. It is incredibly soft and slightly fuzzy. It is also shiny. It is slippery to work with, even on the 4mm bamboo needles I used and it does like to split, so you kind of have to keep tension on it and then keep an eye on it. It does create a very nice fabric, though, with nice fat stitches. It also has a nice feeling weight to it.

I would also like to do a swatch in the Lizard ridge pattern just to see if this would work. Wouldn't that be awesome?!


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