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Friday, September 15, 2006

Is it nap time yet?!

Wow, where has the day gone? I have once again been sucked into computer land. I have spent entirely too much time this morning sitting in this chair and staring at the screen. I can't seem to drag myself away to do other things. Just as soon as I convince myself that, yes, I really DO need to put in a load of laundry, the baby cries and needs to be held. He's convinced this morning that he should spend the entire day on my hip with me standing up. No, I may not sit down. No, I may not type on the keyboard. NO! I may NOT put him down. Go figure. I have put him down for a nap twice this morning, and it's only noon. Each time, he looked at and grabbed the blanket I wrap him up in with absolute relief. Poor little guy.

The older kids can't seem to get it through their heads that small toys ARE NOT allowed in the living room anymore. My poor baby likes to chew on everything and almost choked on a plastic bottle lid that someone left on the floor. That's much larger than most things I would consider a choking hazard, so I KNOW that other toys are not ok. And with Brendan's scary fall from the shopping cart at Costco the other day, I'm a little afraid to have them all in the same room together.

Oh, ya, I didn't tell you about Brendan's fall. Well, here goes. Brendan was strapped into his baby seat with the handle folded down up in the seat part of the cart. The bigger kids were in the basket. I thought this was great because they weren't running around like maniacs. They decided to lift up the little "gate" at the front of the cart in order to get out. This is, of course, attached to the child seat at he top of the cart. They lifted the gate, which dumped my poor baby face first onto the cement floor of the warehouse, with the car seat on top of him. We rushed to the hospital. He is fine. In fact, he had a smaller bruise on his head than Shaya used to get face planting into the floor from crawling. We can't quite figure how his head wasn't smashed in, but I suppose his head must have been turned towards me when he fell. God must have been watching out for this little angel that day.

So, anyway, the kids are running in circles (literally) right now. I think the only thing really keeping me sane is the fact that I got a full body massage yesterday. I haven't even managed to do any work, or knit a single stitch today!!

The massage was the first full body massage I have ever had. My mom is a massage student and offered to barter massages for knitting time. I knit her socks and a Rogue sweater, and she agrees to give me massages :D I like this deal, because both activities relax me. This is something I REALLY need some days.

Dishes - not unloaded
Laundry- not folded
One Skein project- not mailed

*sigh* and now the older ones managed to knock the baby over. Is it nap time yet?


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