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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


spinning around
Look at my pinwheel
And see what I found..."
My acrylic aversion does not apply to Caron's Simply soft. I really love this stuff. It is shiny, soft, and has a little give to it so that it doesn't hurt my hands while I knit. I pulled out my stash of it the other day and started a new project. The Pinwheel Sweater. I'm just starting the 5th color of 7. I have already made the holes for the sleeves, which I'll do when I'm done with the pinwheel part. I'm not quite sure why the pattern wanted me to join like 4 different balls of yarn on the round when you do this. I just kept the same yarn all the way around and kept going. I knit up to the point where the sleeve should be, slipped the stitches onto waste yarn. Made a little crochet chain and just used the same yarn to knit into the chain and kept going. We'll see if I've messed myself up when I go to do the sleeves, but I see no reason why I can't join a new ball of yarn at that point and pick up the stitches and knit just like every other seamless sleeve I've ever done.

I have modified the children's version slightly. The pattern says it should fit a baby 6-9 months up to age 3-4. I want this to fit a 5 yr old and then continue to fit for a while in the future. The small pattern calls for color repeats of 10 rows. The adult version says 30 rows. I picked a number right in the middle. My color sections are 14 rows each. Let's hope this all works out right!

From the Spinning Wheel:
My first plied skeins
My very first Alpaca!
The small bag is the rest of the prime blanket from Bianca. The large white bag is a 1/4 lb of her seconds (neck fibers). The Brown bag is 1/4 lb of fawn colored seconds. Unfortunately I don't know the name of the Alpaca it came from. I spun up part of Bianca's prime blanket last night, and all of the prime blanket roving I had from Godiva. It is the deep chocolate brown yarn on the bobbin. I don't have a lot of it, and I'm thinking of plying it with some silk from my recycled yarn stash. Or maybe I'll just get some more :D
This all came from Blue Note Alpacas.


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