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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Look! An FO!

Alex's Ear Flap hat!
Pattern: Based on this one. I modified it, though, because my gauge was different and I didn't like the pointy top the decreases described created. I decreased every 8 stitches around and around and around until I had 20 stitches, then I did a round of K2tog and pulled the end through all remaining stitches and pulled it tight.
Yarn: Beautiful Handspun that I won in the last Knittingparent's Stash Raffle
Needles: Size 8 bamboo dpn

Of course every FO requires a photo shoot

On other news, Brendan has learned to combat crawl (squirming forward by pushing on with his toes and pulling with his arms.) He is also trying out new sitting positions. I try to put him in a real sitting position, and he just falls over. He likes this one, though. He has one hand free, and is still semi reclining. It's his own personal invention...lolAlso, notice those 2 brand new teeth!


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