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Thursday, July 27, 2006

For the history buff

My youngest brother is turning 18 this weekend. He is the baby of my family of 5 kids and for some reason I always think of him as being older than he really is. His intense interest in history and philosophy and other adult type pursuits might have something to do with it. He is particularly interested in ancient history, Romans, medieval Europe, Ancient China and Japan, etc. Each year DH and I seem to find a new book to give him that he promptly burrys himself in. This year being his 18th birthday, I did a little better. I didn't just buy him a book about history, I bought him a little piece of history.Behold 10 2000 yr old Roman coins! (no, the dime is not an ancient roman coin, it's for scale. Sorry to my Canadian friends who don't know how big a dime is. It is our smallest coin). The coins came from this Ebay shop. The coins came to me as the archaeologists found them. They have not been cleaned, or sorted through. It is hard to see in the picture, but there is one paper thin coin that I believe is silver. I'm really not sure about the tiny coin. I kina would like it to be gold because it's so much smaller than the others, but it's probably brass just like the rest. I can see very distinctly on several of them the stamped faces. Others have too much dirt and stuff to tell.

I feel it is safe to share this with all of you, because my brother doesn't read my blog. Knitting is boring to I, myself, am fascinated with history too, and it is all I can do to keep myself from cleaning these off to see exactly what we've got. I will restrain myself, however.


Blogger Christine said...

I think your gift idea is great.

And we have dimes too up here in the Great White North! They're our smallest coin as well, and very similar in size to your dimes (just a little more delicate). It's one and two dollar bills that we don't have any more - they were replaced with loonie coins ($1) and twoonie coins ($2) some years ago.

2:48 PM  

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