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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Children's museum

My knitting is progressing slowly. In truth, I haven't worked on the mystery stole since Monday and only got half of my experiment with the lace pattern from my horrible 1970's book done. I seem to be having knitting ADD. Every time I start on something, I get distracted by something else. I have visions of a really pretty triangular shaped head scarf... Maybe a shawl in my head that I'm dying to try to get down on paper, but I also want to work on my stole since the next installment is coming out tomorrow, and I haven't even finished the second clue on the first side. I also need to make sure that I recycle a sweater today *sigh* I don't seem to have enough hands, or enough time. Of couse instead of doing any of this, here I am sitting here blogging. This really isn't my fault, though, since I have a very sweet baby in my lap who just wants to be held.

Yesterday, instead of knitting, my Grandma took the kids and I to the Children's museum. It was really a lot of fun! They have a little kids play area with all kinds of interactive imaginative play things, like a house with food and dishes, a boat to fish from, etc. There were also costumes to put at just about every station. The fire engine had hats and coats to wear, the train room had train hats, the store had cute little shopping carts and shop keeper's aprons to wear. There was even a larger climb and play area where you could wear small animal or bug costumes and crawl around in their tunnels and burrows. Brendan sat in the front carrier and was generally an absolutely wonderful baby. When we all got home, everyone slept. It was blissful. I even got my allotted sweater a day recycled and it's now up on Ebay (grey cashmere). So, now, without further ado, here are the pictures!
Here we are putting on the fire man costumes

They have a full sized REAL fire truck in the main lobby. Check out all the cool buttons there are to push, as fire man Alex drives us to the rescue!

Shaya opted not to wear a coat.

They had a real fire hose attached to a fire hydrant next to the truck. Alex carried the hose all over the place, mostly "washing" the

Shaya gets shy around large numbers of people, but she is pretty darn cute.

Alex caught some gigantic stuffed fish off of this little bridge. Who'd have thought that the fishing would have been so good indoors.

Meanwhile, Shaya cooked us up a yummy dinner in the little cottage.

While I fed Brendan, the 2 bigger kids and Grandma played in the bigger kid climb and play area. I came back and Alex looked like this. He told me it was a wolf. He was pretty proud.

Alex ran around like crazy, so the next logical place to play was the basketball court. The balls and hoops are just right for little kids and Alex amazingly make 8 out of every 10 baskets he shot. Check out his hand position, he's a total natural!

Shaya needed a little help.

Finally, we finished off the day with a little ribbon dancing. Alex passed on the dancing and headed to the toy train room with Grandma. All in all, I think everyone got some good exercise and had a lot of fun. I wonder how much a family pass here would be. I'd like to go back.


Blogger Diane Thornton said...

Dawn, when our kids were little the cost of a season pass, or membership, to the Children's Museum was well worth it. On those rainy, fussy, nothing's quite right days, we'd load up and head to the museum. When they outgrew that special small kids section the museum was still fun, but now they're mostly too big to enjoy the activities. I had fond memories of sitting on the base of the "tree" in the kid section and nursing one kid while the other played. It always made for a full day and a good nap (for all of us!)

6:53 AM  

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