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Monday, June 26, 2006

Knitting jewelry!!

DH thinks I've finally fallen off the deep end. I think he might be right.

Me: "I need to go to the store and buy beads, do we need anything else from Michaels?"
DH: "Beads?"
Me: "Yes Beads"
DH: "Why do you need beads? First you did scrapbooking, and then quilting, now all that stuff is sitting in a box somewhere collecting dust. You can't switch to beading, you have too much knitting stuff!"
Me: "I'm not switching to beading.... My knitting needs jewelry"
DH: "Your knitting needs jewelry?!"
Me: "Yes. It wants some pretty stitch markers instead of the little pintail holders I've been using. So, do we need anything else at Michaels?"
DH: "?!"

So, I bought a plier set and enough beads for 4 sets of stitch markers. Here they are :DWe have itty bitty hook type stitch markers with real fresh water pearls
We have more itty bitty hook stitch markers, because I like small needles
We have some medium sized loop stitch markers shown here on a size 9 needle
And finally we have some "Big Girl" loop stitch markers. Shown here on a size 15 needle.
These are DH's favorite. Glad to know that even though I'm off my rocker, he at least approves fo my work.

I've thought about making a "Knitter's gift pack" of stitch markers. It would include a beaded row counter, a set of hook stitch markers and a set of loop markers. What do you think?


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They're gorgeous!

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