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Monday, July 24, 2006

What to do while knitting

Well, here I am again blogging instead of knitting, or making money by ripping apart a sweater (I've got to make back some of that $40 I spent on beads!). I have a baby who want to sit in my lap and have me talk to him, and now a little girl who is crying for no apparent reason. She just woke up from her nap. I guess that's as good a reason as any. So, I'm sitting here trying to figure out what I could do with a wiggly baby in my lap. I have checked my ebay auctions like 10 times in the last 30 minutes. No they haven't changed. No, I didn't really expect them to. I've read all of the blogs on my favorites list, let's see what else is on my favorites list...

Which brings me to Librivox. Librivox is a wonderful website that I visited a couple of months ago when I was desperately seeking a way to read and to knit at the same time. It was during the knitting Olympics when I was knitting my GIGANTIC man sized Rogue sweater and rows and rows of stockingette are not all that entertaining guys. Someone on my knittingparent's group suggested that I listen to a book on tape or CD. That sounded like a great idea, but I don't have any books on tape at the moment and my local library doesn't really have a very large selection. Yes, I could go to the Denver Public Library. They have a fantastic selection, but I'm lazy and taking 2 kids (and at the time my gigantic pregnant belly) to the big library sounded like a heck of a lot of work. They do, in fact have an online audio section, where you can download an audio book that expires in a few weeks, which is REALLY COOL, but again, I would have to go to the physical library in order to get a library card to download said books. Do you see how lazy I am? There are lots of websites online that sell audio books that you can download. That's great, but not only am I lazy, but I'm cheap too. Well, I don't know if I'm cheap, or if I'm just poor. Being a stay at home mom of 3 kids and living on 1 salary might have something to do with both of the above. The internet is a big wide wonderful place, and I must say, you can get just about everything out there somewhere for free. I haven't found yarn for free yet, but I did find instructions for recycling sweaters, and that's pretty darn close! After some googling and searching, I found Librivox. Librivox provides free audio books that are in the public domain. Now this means that they are older books, but in reality there are lot of them out there that I have never read, and that aren't what your English teacher made you read in High School (I read A LOT of literature in High School). I listened to Pride and Prejudice while making DH's sweater and listened to part of Journey to the Center of the Earth, but lost interest before they went I LOVED Pride and Prejudice. DH said it made him want to fall asleep. I found it absolutely enchanting. Ahh, kinda makes me think of You've Got

In looking at it today, their catalog of books is about tripled since the knitting Olympics! I've got lots of wonderful books to listen to now! I just signed up for their podcast and now am debating what to listen to next. Please go visit them and listen, or volunteer to read, or whatever. Hmm, I think I'll add a permanent link on my sidebar.


Blogger stitchingpooh said...

Well I enjoyed reading your blog.You do very nice work. Love the baby on the dishcloth/blanket I've been working on Ponchos for my neices. Very intense but rewarding. Well gotta go :)

4:19 AM  

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