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Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Red Tie

Alex owns a red silk tie that he absolutely loves. Unfortunately, the red silk tie is not known to match everything. In fact, it matches 1 Sunday outfit. It is a pair of charcoal grey slacks, a long sleeved white shirt, and a black argile V-neck sweater. The red tie looks absolutely fabulous with it. Alex also owns a very nice Sunday outfit that DH's mom bought him. It has a green, white, and tan striped shirt, and a pair of light tan slacks. Alex has pretty much refused to wear this outfit since we acquired the red tie in May because it does not match. He is not satisfied with wearing the green shirt with the smaller tan tie that goes very nicely with it. It's not the red tie. It's not as cool. It's not acceptable.

Those with children may understand what happened, though, when I took this picture.

Mommy, in all her disorganized insanity, did not hang up his white shirt and grey slacks in the closet. In fact, the white shirt was missing in action this morning. DH later found it in the dirty clothes. I told Alex that I was sorry, but he should wear the green shirt and tan slacks which were, in fact, hanging pristinely in his closet all ready for church. Church is bright and early at 8:30 am here, not much room for negotiations. He whined and complained, then he found the grey pants that I had folded and put in his room, but had not hung up. "Where's the white shirt?!" He exclaimed. Obviously if the pants are clean the white shirt must be too. Little does a 4 yr old know that whites and darks should be washed separately, and they did not get washed in the same load. I turned my attention to the other 2 monkeys and their clothes. When I turned around, here was Alex. Apparently all ready for church. DH managed to find a pink shirt in the closet that is a size too big but matched much better than the green one. I guess that your outfit must really be worked around your desired accessory.

No knitting news to report. I am almost done with the second pair of socks for my mom, but they look exactly like the first pair. I have not worked on the mystery stole in over 2 weeks now, and I still can't tell you about my mystery project. I think I have figured out how to put an almost invisible button hole in double knit fabric though :D


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