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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Random Act of Kindness

One nice thing about the complex that we live in, is that there are some great restaurants within walking distance of our door. Last night I didn't have anything planned for dinner and was feeling a little stressed and climbed in DH's lap to suggest that we take a walk to the Village Inn just around the corner for dinner. I've found that if I want him to pay attention to me instead of the video game he's playing, climbing in his lap does the trick. He's a snuggle boy and likes all the contact he can get.

Anyway, we walked the 1 and a half blocks over to village in and had a very nice dinner. Well, I think I was the only one who had dinner, everyone else had breakfast foods. They serve chocolate chip pancakes at Village Inn, which are Alex's favorite food in the world. DH and I have been going to this same restaurant since we were newly weds. We would both sit on the same side of the booth close together and read our novel out loud to each other while we waited for our food to come. As I quit my job to stay home with the kids, and we acquired a few more kids, our visits to vVllage Inn have been less frequent. Our seating arrangement has changed of necessity. It's not a good idea to put Alex and Shaya together on the same side of the table. We still bring our book and read to each other while waiting for the food, but more often than not, that time gets interrupted with trying to keep the kids entertained.

As we were getting ready to leave yesterday, I noticed that the waitress hadn't brought a new check that included the very good piece of strawberry cheesecake that we had all shared. Now, many of you would say "wow, free pie!" I like to consider ourselves honest and nice people, so DH took the check to the cashier and told her that the waitress had forgot to add the pie. She said "Oh, that's ok, I can't tell you who, but someone has already paid for your dinner"

I don't even know who, but some nice person out there paid for our dinner. It totally made my day. What a nice person, and what a nice thing to do. After that, my wonderful sweet DH looked a little uncomfortable, and I asked him why. Well, we normally pay with a credit card (or debit card, who carries real money now a days?!) and he didn't know if the waitresses tip was included by our very nice benefactor. He didn't have any cash and didn't want our waitress to get stiffed. Isn't he a wonderful man?!


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