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Friday, August 25, 2006

Pinwheels are like Oreos

........The middle is the best part.

I'm still working on the pinwheel sweater and have just joined the yarn for the 6th of 7 colors. It gets a little discouraging when you know that the rounds are only going to get longer and longer as you go. Those first few colors were wonderful, it felt like you're really getting somewhere.

I'm now into the garter stitch section, which is interesting in the round. You knit one round, then pearl one round. The awesome thing about being a combined knitter, is that I can pick it up and know instantly if I'm supposed to be pearling or knitting based on which way the stitch is facing on the needle. Gotta love that :D As I was taking a picture of it, I noticed that I started the purple on a pearl row and it created a funny line in the middle of the dark blue. I'm afraid that it's going to bother me too much and I'm going to frog the 3 purple rows I've done and knit another round of dark blue.


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