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Monday, August 28, 2006

Warning! Real live monsters have been spotted!

Please check your home for similar Monsters!

Name: Brendan
Occupation: Carpet Monster
Activities: Chewing on anything and everything that reaches the floor, squirming across the floor to reach said objects, and leaving a wet drool trail where ever he goes.
Description: Small, Chubby and Wiggly

Name: Shaya
Occupation: Lap Monster
Activities: Secretly creeping into any unoccupied lap, begging for stories, and saying "I want you"
Description: Cute, Snuggly, and Demanding

Name: Alex
Occupation: Fidget Monster
Activities: Bouncing on furniture, running through the house at top speed, and anything not involving sitting still.
Description: Hyper, Playful and Sweet

Name: Hubby
Occupation: Cuddle Monster
Activities: Attempting to trap all other occupants in the house into snuggles, and Wrapping his arms around wify at any opportunity.
Description: Warm, Snuggly, and Puppy like
Warning: This monster may change into the "Daddy" Monster without notice. This change will cause him to chase after other monsters, roaring like a dinosaur, and causing them to squeal and run. This may significantly increase the noise level of the house. The only way to return the "Daddy" monster to Cuddle Monster is to put all other monsters to bed.


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