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Friday, September 29, 2006

Fall and the birth of mommy time

Hey there blogland. I am sitting here blogging with only ONE child up and conscious. The small one. The one who managed to go a full 10 hrs without eating last night! The one who DH and I put quietly in his bed last night, turned off the lights and hoped would go to sleep on his own. Amazingly enough, he did!

So, here I am well rested and happy because:
  1. I got to spin some of my absolutely fabulous superwash merino yesterday. (Seriously guys, this is the most wonderful roving I've ever spun. It is SOOO creamy and soft, and it spins so beautifully!)
  2. Ugly sock #1 is almost to the heel, which means that not only did I meet my 2 sweater quota for work yesterday, but I got to knit too!
  3. The baby slept for 10 hrs! Come on, that's just an amazing thing. (Well he did start to moan and groan a bit at 2am but I ignored him and he went back to sleep without any mommy intervention).
  4. DH and I got some alone adult time last night which is very rare.
  5. I am sitting here blogging at 7am with no kids running and screaming!
I credit this amazing miracle on the Fall sun schedule. The sun is just now peaking out and has yet to fill the rooms with its bright morning light. My children (except the small one) seem to be very in tune with the movements of the earth and the rising and setting of the sun. On many occasions during he summer at a bright and early 5:30 am I've had kids jumping on me saying "Mommy! The sun's up!" Well, this morning, apparently, the sun is not up. I suppose I can add this to the reasons that I love Fall.

Since I don't have to get up and drive in the dark this winter, I can enjoy the fact that the sun gets up later. It means that I can eat my breakfast and read my email in peace (we'll ignore the carpet monster trying to eat my toes at the moment). Long live fall and the lazy morning!

Now I've sat around long enough. There are 3 baskets full of clean laundry calling me. I've been pretty good about washing the laundry ala Flylady lately, but I have to tell you, it's the folding that has always been my downfall. *sigh* Hey! I can fold laundry without kids wadding it up into balls and calling it folding too!

I love you fall!

Later postings hopefully to include eye candy yarn recycled for me, The self striping miter square project, and the merino fresh from the wheel.


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