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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Ugly Yarn

I've decided that knitting isn't nearly as much fun with ugly yarn.

My mom and I have a very nice agreement. She is the only family member who has "gotten" the whole knitted sock thing. She adores the socks that I have made her. Of course, she requested more socks, as well as a Rogue sweater, but let's face it, I'm going to be making about a dozen of that sweater anyway. Everyone absolutely adores it, and I've got LOTS of requests for one. A couple of weeks ago, Mom and I sat down and I introduced her to Knitpicks. She bought 6 balls of sock yarn and enough Wool of the Andes for a Rogue sweater. To pay for all the knitting time this is going to require of me, she has offered to give me massages. She's a massage therapy student. Isn't that awesome?! I get to knit socks AND get massages. The only problem is that I'm really not liking some of the sock yarn she picked out.

The orange in this yarn is like hunter orange. Very bright. There's another skein sitting in the box that uses lemon yellow instead of the goldish yellow. Yuck! When the box came, I thought it was so yucky that I took it over for my mom to see. I wasn't about to put all that work into a pair of socks (even if it's only ankle socks) if she didn't like the yarn. Of course, she loves it. *sigh*

The good news is that I'm knitting this pair of socks on my new Knitpicks options needle that I bought. Have I told you all that I finally ordered the options set?! Well, I did. This is my 36" size 1 classic circular needle. The cable is fantastic, and the needles feel just like my Audi's, except pointier. I'm not sure if that is a good thing for basic sock knitting. I keep wanting to push the tip with my finger and then regret it afterward. You'll seriously develop a bruise there if you do that too much.


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