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Thursday, October 11, 2007

I can't stop casting on!

I have really been trying to finish things before I start new projects. I really want to start another pair of slippers (the wool is staring at me from my desk right now) as well as some baby BSJ sweaters but I have resisted. I cold NOT ignore my luscious green Merino silk handspun yarn though. I spun it up during General Conference on Sunday and it is so soft and lofty and lovely that I am seriously reconsidering my preferance for combed top over carded bats. So, it somehow made it onto my needles...It is a very simple scarf and when I'm done if I like the results enough I'll post the pattern. Well, maybe even if I don't like it as At the moment, it is still rolling more than I had intended. Apparently double knit boarders don't keep it as straight as I had hoped.

I'm thinking of adding some clear seed beads to that seed stitch end, but I'll decide that when I'm done.Incidentally, if anyone has any suggestions where my size 7 Knitpicks options tips are, I'd greatly appreciate it....

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Blogger cath said...

I would look for the 7s in some recently started, but somehow forgotten WIP. That is where I usually find mine (I need more 7s).

4:35 PM  

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