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Friday, April 27, 2007

10am is better than 5pm

10am is much better than 5pm. This is probably closely related to the fact that the baby is asleep and the 2 bigger kids are playing outside. It is also related to this:
That is Rogue #3. MY Rogue. Isn't it lovely?! Check out how fabulous the stitch definition is! I think that it's related to the fact that I'm essentially knitting with 5 strands of lace weight yarn held together. Most store bought sweaters are made this way. These have partially felted together, so I'm not really having any problems with splitting. All of that is from 1 ball of yarn. I think that it was the back of the sweater I took apart. I have a bunch more too. See:
That's one of the fabulous things about knitting with recycled yarn. If you do it right, it's almost like having a giant cone of yarn. It goes on FOREVER.

Here are the problem Cookie A socks (also knit in recycled yarn):I had the yarn in my stash from when I was convinced that I was going to knit DH a pair of socks so he would understand what all the fuss is all about. He insisted that he didn't want them, so It has sat there. It was the only sock yarn I had enough of for a full sized pair of socks, so I nabbed it. See how the swoosh doesn't go all the way across. I still need to figure that one out, but not today.


Blogger Michelle said...

Oooh - is the sock Millicent? Are your liking the pattern? Is it toe up?!

I've been seriously tempted by her stuff since I followed the link from Knittingparents.

12:48 PM  
Blogger Heatherly said...

i love your blog quote about adult conv. my hubby used to send me to the denver botanic gardens art classes for adult conv. :-) i miss it!
found you via mystery stole 3

3:40 PM  
Blogger Terri Lynn said...

Oh Dawn, you are a new enabler in my blog-o-sphere, green anything gets me all excited (yes, I lead a rather, green, boring life)! I love your rogue! I think its me fav of all I have seen, I know it's the green! How lovely!

8:58 PM  

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