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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Entrelac Socks

Well, it took me a month and a half (mostly because I neglected them) the Entrelac socks are done. These are normal sized versions of the ones in the latest Interweave Knits. I'm pretty proud that I took this picture of myself using the timer on my new camera :D

Last year, my mom placed an order to Knitpicks and bought about 7 balls of sock yarn (as well as the yarn for her Rogue sweater, which I never did take a picture of). All in different colors, since I can make a pair of ankle socks from a single skein if i keep it simple. I have to admit that after knitting her 4 pairs of said ankle socks, I was getting a little sick of plain Jane socks. Since I didn't have enough of any one color for longer socks or intricate patterns, I thought the entrelac socks were perfect! I could use 2 different colors and get a full sized pair of socks.

These were a lot of fun to knit, but I think they took quite a bit longer than normal socks, what with the knitting and purling backwards and all. Now that they're off my needles, though, I have given myself permission to start a normal sized version of these. Isn't that toe fantastic?! I haven't been that fond of Cookie's patterns in Knitty (the disembodied leg unnerves me), but I Adore her knee sock sized socks. I already bought the German stocking pattern and am still eyeing Rhiannon.


Blogger Yarn Thing said...

LOVE the socks!!!


12:21 AM  
Blogger Terri Lynn said...

Great Socks!

9:09 PM  

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