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Monday, February 05, 2007

Miter Mania

PublishI have this obsession with self striping yarn with a LOOOONG color change. You know, like that nice expensive Noro that I will probably never get a chance to try? Well a few months ago Patons came out with there SWS. There was a lot of talk about it, and being the follower that I am, I went down to Michaels and bought 1 skein of every color they had when it was on sale for $1 off. It just so happens that this coincided with my fascination with the Mason Dixon book, as well as Lizard Ridge. I absolutely adore all of the random looking mitered square blankets, but I don't like the thought of all the ends from changing yarns, so that naturally draws me to self patterning yarns.
So, here are my squares for my Mason Dixon blanket. I got 2 squares from each ball of yarn, and still have 1 ball left to knit. I don't know if I like all the pieces together, maybe this is really several blankets together. Who knows. For now it's just a big stack of squares.


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