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Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Life with Brendan is unfair..... Flattering, but unfair. It is not fair that even though I have been with the kids ALL day and I could really use a break, and the baby has been fed, and changed, and wrapped warmly in his blanket, that apparently Daddy is not good enough. It is really flattering and heartwarming to see that little face peer up at me with tear filled eyes and uplifted arms. It is incredibly not fair that he will follow me to the baby gate and cry for me down the hall and not accept his father's consolation. The really sad thing, though, is that it is so incredibly hilarious.

Yes, the demands of motherhood are exhausting, but at least I know I'm loved.

On other news, the camera has popped out again. I had some really nice shots of Brendan's tongue today, and those cute 4 little teeth of his, but alas I think the memory card has decided to die. Or, maybe it is related to me forgetting about it while it was downloading pictures to the computer today. It was left on far too long.

Alex has started back to school this week, and the whole world is rejoicing. What?! You haven't heard the heavenly choirs sing on your side of the world? Well, they're singing here! It's amazing how those few hours in the afternoon of school can refresh him and I at the same time. He was looking decidedly bored before he went back, and now he's a much better behaved boy, and Mommy again has kid free knitting time!

The best news of all, is that the water filter people FINALLY came today to install our water system. The Reverse Osmosis system was installed for the drinking water, and the rest of the house will be hooked up tomorrow after the installer gets the correct pipes and connecters, etc. This is wonderful news, as we are expecting yet ANOTHER snow storm on Friday. This means that it has snowed every Friday since the week before Christmas. This is totally weird for Colorado. The snow actually stays on the ground for more than a day! The really funny thing is that I prefer the snow out there, because as soon as it melts it creates a giant mud pit capable of sucking your boots clean off. We do not have any grass yet in the front yard, and it appears that our soil is not inclined to nice rich loaminess, it is either seeping oozing mud, or it is blowing, billowing dust. That, however, is a problem for another day.

Here's wishing you all clean water, a baby who needs you, oh ya, and a nifty new knitting needle case (should be done tomorrow :D )


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