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Monday, November 20, 2006

I should be feeling more prepared

You'd think with all the delays we have had in our house plans that I would be feeling more prepared. In actuality, we are planning on the final big move on Wednesday and 80% of my house is still unpacked! Have you ever noticed that when you are cleaning or packing that you get all distracted and start sorting things, or move from room to room packing a little here and a little there? In my case, I do have a little justification in the form of a knee high mommy leach. Brendan doesn't think that I should be allowed to do work without him clinging to my leg, or better yet in my arms. This makes packing incredibly difficult. This explains why I am sitting here blogging instead of packing. Brendan is currently wrapped up like a burrito and snuggling in my lap while watching The Incredibles.

On Saturday we cleaned out our storage unit, which we have been paying $50 a month for a while now. I am absolutely astounded at how many books we have! In fact, we went through the boxes and came up with 3 boxes of books to donate, with still like 10 boxes that we're keeping. We need more book cases. How is it possible that even though I have gone through the house and purged things that we still have so much crap crammed into this little apartment?!

I managed to pack up the bathroom this morning; cram all of my stash (well most of it) into it's giant tub; pack up all my knitting books (only 1 box wow!) cram all of my business sweaters and yarn and stuff into 1 large and 1 medium tub; purge all of the old bills and such that I have kept on file (why do I keep these on file again?!); and made a giant list of people I need to call, things I need to do etc. I still have yarn and such on my desk that needs to go into a box or something, but it about killed me to even pack up my stitch pattern books. What if I need them before Thursday?! What if among all the moving and unpacking and cleaning I find 2 seconds to knit?! What if I want to knit something other than the Rogue sweater?! What if...

Ok, so I'm a little paranoid. I know I can survive until Thursday or Friday without all my fibery goodness, but it just feels so final to put it in a box and cover it in tape.

Well, the baby is asleep and now it is time to pull all the crap out of my sewing machine cabinet and put that into a box too. Let's hope we all survive this move. I have been looking at internet and surprise surprise, we are going to be living out in the middle of nowhere and have 1 option for high speed internet.... Satellite. I suppose the $59 a month wouldn't be so terrible if they didn't also include like $400 for equipment and installation *sigh* The next time you read a post from me, it may be from crappy dial up because they said it would take like 2 weeks to set up the satellite.


Blogger Knitting Rose said...

I can soooo understand not wanting to pack up things that you MIGHT need. I would feel exactly the same way. I think I would have an emergency bag - with at least a couple of patterns and yarn in it!

11:18 PM  

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