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Friday, November 17, 2006

Crazy for Cables

Who would have ever thought that having 3 little kids who aren't really in school yet could be this busy?! It seriously took me 3 days to write a single e-mail to my sister. I simply haven't been home this whole week. I have been up to our new house 3 times this week and have gotten no work done! I have managed to save my sanity a little by doing some knitting. I don't know how much sanity I'll still have at Christmas when I may, or may not have managed to finish all of these cables, though. It amazes me how much more time it takes to knit something with cables than just plain old stockingette!

On the Needles:
Rogue #2

This one is for my Mom. As you can see, it's almost to the arm pits and should really be much farther along than this considering how long I've had it on the needles. I haven't touched it since Tuesday when I took the needles off and slipped it onto 2 36" Knitpicks options cables. Mom tried it on and it might have a little negative ease, but she liked it, and I think it will be beautiful.

It is knit in Knitpicks Wool of the Andes, which is nice wool, but is definitely not Merino. Merino is still my favorite. The one problem with this project, and the main reason that it is not progressing quickly, is the fact that my computer refuses to print the pattern again. I have to literally sit in front of the computer with the pattern pulled up on PDF in order to knit on this. Hopefully it will get done in time for Christmas.

That would be far more likely, if I would stop casting on for new projects.... Like this one:

Please welcome the insane cabled scarf.

DH noticed when he rode his scooter the other day that there is a decided gap between his helmet and the collar of his jacket. He says he needs a scarf. He doesn't want a tube like neck warmer, he wants a full fledged scarf. Knowing that DH loves this yarn (he picked it out for his Rogue after all) and that he loves cables, I pulled out my new Stictionary and told him to pick a pattern. This is the pattern that he picked:

In truth, this is crappy yarn for cables. The mottled nature of the yarn likes to hide cables rather than show them off. After 3 repeats of the pattern, I looked at it and said "Why on earth am I spending all this time on cables when you can barely see them?!" DH then kissed me and said "It looks beautiful" *sigh* the things we do for those we love.

The fabric is rather dense and not drapy at all. I think it will probably be too bulky to fit nicely under his jacket, so I'm thinking I'll do panels of cables at the ends of the scarf, that taper nicely somehow into nothingness, and then knit the center section of the scarf in plain old stockingette so that it isn't too bulky in the part that goes around his neck. The other advantage to this plan is that it will go quicker if only 1/4 of the scarf is cabled to all heck instead of the entire length... I'm devious and evil I know.

Now, I need to recycle the brown and cream yarn that I plan to use for my Grandmother's Christmas gloves. I want to do a simple 2 color fair isle pattern on them, but haven't picked it out yet. Cabled Scarf, Rogue sweater, Fair Isle fingering weight gloves, and some yet to be determined item for my Dad and Grandpa. I must be insane!


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