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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

New toys

Greetings from the new house! Good news, I have high speed internet and didn't have to pay $400 for equipment! Woohoo! Our water is still cloudy, though, and I REALLY need to do some laundry today. I don't want to use our washer because I've been told the dirt in the water will kill the machine. Great. Guess it's time to head over to Grandma's house next door and see if we can use her washer.

I got some new toys this week as well as a new house :D

I LOVE this book! I got it when Crafter's Choice was doing a 50% off day. Too bad they didn't have the other 2 books in the series because I would have nabbed them too. I think the best part of this book are the ideas for cuffs and button bands. Most of the necklines I couldn't really see using. It does provide a few patterns at the end as well as basic instructions on substituting any of the basic necklines provided in the book (scoop, V-neck, etc) in another sweater pattern. Very useful. I can't wait to design a cardigan All those button bands really have the old brain juices working.

I think I may be doing a lot of designing and knitting for the next week or so, though, since our water is not up to par for washing yarn for sale. I have been taking showers, but I don't want to be selling anything that I'm not sure is completely clean and fresh and fluffy.

My second new toy DH presented to me this morning. That man is wonderful, but I have to say he is COMPLETELY incapable of holding onto a Christmas present for more than 2 days. His excuse this year was that He got a smashing deal on 2 of them and that since he got one too that it shouldn't count as Christmas since it wasn't just for So, here it is, my new not quite Christmas toy:

It is charging plugged into my computer as I type. I have to admit that this is a REALLY cool new little toy. I have kinda wanted one, but they are seriously expensive. One of the perks of where DH works is that he always seems to acquire electronics for amazing deals. We have a tiny little Vio laptop that he got for $100 from a coworker because it had a few issues and was out of warranty (DH did a system restore and the problems were solved). He has a GIGANTIC 22" widescreen flat panel monitor for his computer that he just got for $50. My computer tower was the old office computer from his work that was going to be thrown out. We replaced the video card and the Ethernet. I got my fabulous LCD monitor for my birthday that was acquired in like fashion. It was really a mouse, keyboard and monitor. I suppose I should also mention the PSP that he eventually traded in for a Now that I write all this down, Most of the electronics in our house were acquired in this manner!

DH told me that the early ipod was really the Microsoft guy's fault since he delivered them to him yesterday and he knew he couldn't just hold onto them for a whole month! Apparently said Microsoft guy had been doing a contest with the people at DH's work and DH answered every question correctly. As his prize, he could have 1 ipod for free, or 2 for $50... You know that a single ipod is like $150 right?! So, now I'm waiting for the cute little black ipod to charge up :D

It snowed here in Colorado last night and because of the snow I took DH to work in the morning and picked him up in the evening. It is now a 45-50 min drive to his work now.. ugg. To compound this, apparently people seemed to forget how to drive in the 2 inches of snow that were on the streets last night, and the cities decided to wait until AFTER things started to freeze mid rush hour to send out the snow trucks. I was about 30 minutes late picking DH up and then it took us a whopping 3 hours to get home last night!! I suppose this wouldn't have been all that bad if I hadn't experienced the ultimate knitterly disaster. I pulled out the Rogue sweater to work on (which I had dutifully packed in the diaper bag) I knit a few rows and finished off the ball of yarn I was working on and then fished around in the bag for the second ball of yarn I knew was supposed to be in there. I dug everything out of the bag and THERE WASN'T ANOTHER BALL!! I was in the car for 3 hours without anything to knit *sigh* I probably could have finished the entire body of said sweater last night. I now believe that you can never pack too much yarn, and too many projects. You never know when you might unexpectedly be in the car 2 1/2 hours longer than normal!


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