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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Let it Snow

We had the most fantastic blizzard blow through here this past week. The snow started Tuesday evening and didn't stop until mid day on Thursday. It is now almost a week later, and everything is still covered in snow. We didn't even manage to get any cars out until Saturday afternoon. DH and my 2 shoveled for over 4 hours on Sunday to dig out our enormous driveway far enough for 4 cars to park for Christmas Dinner yesterday afternoon. In all, I think it is fabulous and got to keep my husband home for a big 5 day weekend for Christmas :D

Without further adu, please enjoy pictures of our fantastic snow!

In areas without drifts, the snow is about knee deep, but with all the out buildings, etc, the snow piled up in beautiful flowing drifts all over the place. Our front door was swept clean by the wind because we face West.

Notice that the drift curves around our house? My uncle commented that it looked like a the wake that a ship creates as it's moving through the water. The funny thing is, though, it wasn't the house that was moving ^.~

My Grandma who lives next door, though, wasn't so lucky. Her house faces north.

One would think that since the wind was coming from the north, that the drifts would be at the north of the house, but they weren't. This is our shed at the south of our house.

The snow drifted up and hugged all the cars like a nice white blanket. This was beautiful for the camera, but not so nice for trying to get them out!

Alex absolutely adored the snow and the first day we went out (Thursday afternoon) he was jumping, sliding, climbing, and generally romping in the snow. By the end of our excursion, his mittens looked like this:

This is the North side of the barn.

This is the South side of the barn! Wouldn't that make a fantastic sledding drift?!

See that little opening there? I had to turn my head sideways to squeeze through to get in the barn. All of that snow came in through that tiny little opening!

At least the poor horses in my Grandma's barn have a nice warm stall to hide in, because check out that first step outside! The poor horses next door didn't appear to be as lucky :(

And of course, no snow storm is complete without a little game of "Plop" with Daddy!

Here's wishing all of you some beautiful snow of your own!


Blogger 2bzy2knit said...

I don't think I'll be complaining about our snow anytime soon! Looks nice! Andrea -

12:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW - that is a LOT of snow. I am glad I live in the south. /that looks like a lot of work to get out.

11:12 PM  

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