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Monday, December 11, 2006

Same old Same old

I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself this morning. DH now drives 50 minutes one way to and from work every day. I really don't feel like taking him to work and then spending a total of 4 hours in the car if I don't have to (2 hours round trip twice a day), so I've let him take the van and I've stayed home with the kids. This means that I do in fact get 1 hour less with him every day. I know, an hour really doesn't seem like much, but for some reason I'm feeling it this morning. Maybe I'm PMSing or something.

The kids have been playing nicely together for the most part, though, which is nice. Right now the big kids are playing with the train set in Alex's room while Brendan is trying to eat the play tools that are strewn all across my family room floor. It is a bit amazing that the baby isn't permanently stuck to my leg. He seems to be that way some times. After holding him wrapped up in a blanket for a while this morning, I am beginning to wonder if half of that is not so much that he's tired, but that he's cold. I know I was cold this morning. I had to put on socks and a sweater because my hands were so stiff that I couldn't type. I'm seriously considering some of those fingerless gloves that I've been seeing everywhere because I think for the first time I see a practical purpose. My sweater sleeves are pulled down to my knuckles and it does help a lot.

On the knitting front, it has been all Rogue all the time. This is the 1 project that I absolutely HAVE to finish by Christmas and it's looking like that shouldn't be a problem. I finished the body and hood on Friday, and finished the first sleeve last night. That means that I only have 1 more sleeve to go and then to seam them onto the body and it's done. Totally doable. I think it's really turning out beautiful. It's a little loose on me, but otherwise fits perfect, so I think it'll fit snugly on my mom. I did take it over to have her try it on when it was to the arm pits, just to make sure, so I think we're a go.

My biggest concern is not finishing, but being able to wash and block the darn thing since we have now been in our new house for 3 1/2 weeks now and THE WATER STILL ISN'T FILTERED! This means that I'm still hand washing every single dish (ok, so we've reverted to plastic cups, plates, and silverware when possible...) so that I don't ruin my brand new dish washer. We are able to take showers, although if I fill up a bath I can see that the water is mirky and yucky, I hope the soap takes care of most of it. My Grandma who lives next door has let me bring over laundry to do, which is nice, so that I haven't had to go to the laundry mat. We do have a washer, but I don't want all that dirty water ruining it, plus, how clean do you think clothes would really get in that?! Luckily we have finished the water tests and it appears that there are no bacteria in the water (thank you 2500 ft deep well), but it definitely has some stuff dissolved in it. We think it's going to cost over $1500 to get everything filtered which seriously sucks, but you've got to do what you've got to do.

There has been no work at all on the ebay front because of the same water considerations. I'm not about to try to wash yarn for other people with this water. That makes that $1500 all the more expensive. It has given me lots of time to knit, though, which is good. Once Rogue is done, that leaves me with a pair of fair isle gloves that I need to design and make for my Grandma as well as finish the scarf for DH, and hopefully knit a hat or something for my dad. The last few years I've made him some cabled hats, this year I was thinking a tighter knitted simple fair isle type thing. We'll see. Now the baby has decided that I'm neglecting him, so it's back to mommy world. With that I'll leave you with a pic of Shaya and her cousin Sam jumping on her bed.


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