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Thursday, January 25, 2007


Nope, the cashmere gloves still aren't done. In fact, I haven't even worked on them since last Monday. They just don't seem to motivate me.

A few weeks ago I was having a really bad day. That was the day that our water turned to mud and I needed a serious pick me up. I needed some color and happy yarn, so I pulled some Cherry Tree Hill sport yarn out of the stash and cast on. It is sock yarn so I cast on some socks. I realized as I was winding it, though, that it wasn't fingering weight and I decided after letting the socks "marinate" for a week or so that I didn't really want heavy weight socks. I wanted a pair of fingerless mitts like everyone in blog world seems to have. So, last night when I was particularly irritated at DH I ripped out the socks and cast on for the mitts.

At first I thought that I'd do a cool little pattern, after all, the socks had been in garter rib, but after a few inches of work, I realized that this yarn was far too wild for anything other than just plain old stockingette... *sigh* I didn't come to this conclusion before I had cast on and ripped out the mitts a few times with different patterns. Finally I settled on a picot edge (because I wasn't feeling quite in the mood for ribbing) and plain old plain old. I could have really used them today. My hands are freezing, but they should be done soon. Sport weight knits much faster than fingering.

On other starting news, I have managed to start up the yarn production for my recycled yarn shop. This has been on hold as long as my water has been pure crap, but it seems to be under control now, so I have begun production again. Just check out this fabulous periwinkle Cashmere!
On a completely un-fiber related note, but on a totally motherly pride one, This little one:
Has decided that he can now walk. He's been debating it for about a week, but has now screwed up the courage to let go of objects and walk around the living room. I say give him another week and he will have pretty much given up the whole crawling thing. In some ways it's wonderful, in others it truly means that he's no longer a little baby *sigh*


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