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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The way it is

Well, the crud has been flying around our house for almost a month now. It is just a cold, but it has managed to fell every other member of the family, including the baby. It started with Alex. This makes sense since he goes to school and is surrounded by other kids. He had a fever and a cough and generally looked miserable. About half a week later, he gave it to his sister who had a higher fever and looked even more miserable. It turns out that she has an ear infection. Once the pink antibiotics started flowing she perked right up. Go figure. About 2 days later DH and the baby caught it with a vengeance. DH has been home from work since Thursday and the baby has not wanted to do anything except nurse, sleep, and be held. I was sure that he was going to wean himself in favor of the newly discovered sippy cup (What?! I can drink and look around and walk across the room all at the same time?! Who wants to nurse? Give me the cup!), but apparently that has to wait until the crud goes away because when he's sick ALL HE WANTS IS MOMMY!

I have been doing everything in my power to avoid this cold. I was the last hold out. I wasn't about to be sick too because I would still have to take care of the other 4 sick people in the house. There is nothing quite as miserable and makes you quite as resentful as not having someone to take care of you. It's no fun when you're healthy, but it's certainly not fun when you're sick too. So, I took the Airborne stuff that is an herbal immune booster. I even half heartedly used Zicam. I got the chewables and they taste like wax. Yuck. It seemed to be working. I made it about half a week before it began to overcome me yesterday. This morning, I admit that the cold has beaten me. My glands are definitely swollen and my sinuses are definitely stuffed. Now that the cold is inevitable, I don't know if being sick while all the kids are feeling better and running around is all that much better :(

At least DH is feeling better enough this morning to supervise the installation of the new hot water heater that is replacing the broken one that came with our house. You know our house is only about 3 months old right?! At least I'll be able to take a nice hot bath this evening after not having hot water since last Wednesday evening. That, and my Yarn Harlot book sound like bliss to me.


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