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Friday, February 09, 2007

Screensavers should not be this much fun...

Generally I have not been much of a screen saver girl. I'm more likely to just turn off the monitor, but recently I have found that a screen saver can be vital. This is because I have a 11 month old who thinks that my keyboard is the greatest thing in the world. Does he touch DH's keyboard?! NO, just mine. Apparently Mommy's is better. So, I've had a screen saver running with a password so that if he manages to grab the keyboard when I'm not looking he doesn't mess anything up. The screen savers that the computer came with are somewhat lacking in prettiness, so I went in search of a free aquarium screen saver. I discovered that most of them have a free demo mode, but it puts up a stupid screen half the time saying "Hit the space bar to get the full version". This is not only annoying, but seriously bad since the space bar is big and one little baby has been known to go on the Internet this way. DH suggested a website called I found this really cool aquarium screen saver that makes clear water and fish over whatever image you have as your desktop background. Ironically when it first came on, this is what I saw:
I giggled every time I saw it. It was so funny that the waterline fell just below his eyes. I like to think that he has his face plastered up against the back side of a fish tank. I don't want to drown my baby. So, anyway, I thought this was so humorous, that I got a whole bunch more pictures from the same website and started seeing if anything else looked quite as cool as my baby with his face plastered to the screen. This is what I got:

Yes, I know I'm a bit loony for taking so many pictures of my computer screen, but I'm a blogger.... what did you really expect?!



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