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Monday, October 08, 2007

Look actual knitting!

I've got 3 active projects going right now and keep itching to cast on more. I am being good, though, until I finish at least the 2 that are at least 50% done.

I am on the second sleeve of my cardigan Rogue. It is so close to being done that I can taste it, but can't seem to focus on it enough to ACTUALLY finish.

The second main project is the Knitting Needle bag from Knitting Daily. This is a KAL for the knitting parent's yahoo group. I only had 2 balls of lambs pride worsted that I wanted to use for the bag, so I plan to make some modifications. I'm using the worsted weight yarn doubled on size 9 needles. I plan to knit each side with 1 ball. Because the side I have already finished is only 7" tall instead of the 9" stated in the pattern, I plan to add a sturdy fabric bottom and then normal purse straps. I wasn't fond of the garter stitch straps anyway.

I joined the Yarnographers group on Ravelry and have been working on my photography. It is amazing what the photos can look like when you don't just throw it on the floor and call that a

Tell me, which of these 3 pictures do you like best?I think at the moment I'm a bit partial to the top one. I like how the 2 needles run parallel to each other. I also like the contrast of the super shiny knitpicks needles in there.

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Blogger Christine said...

Top one is my favorite too -- I love that yarnographers group!

3:57 PM  
Blogger Tracie said...

The top one is my favorite too - I love the deep shadow next to the sparkly needles that look to be just peeking out. I'll have to check out yarnographers - sounds cool!

7:28 AM  

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