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Monday, October 08, 2007

We're expecting TWINS!

I had my ultrasound today for the new pregnancy. I have been pretty complacent with this one. After all, after having 3 children, I should know what's going on, right?

Well, as the technician was measuring all of the body parts she moved over just slightly and went down along the spine. "See, here's a head" she said. I looked at the picture and said "But wasn't the baby's head up there?" I said pointing in the direction that she had just come down the spine. Sure enough, there were 2 heads there. And 2 spines, and 2 hearts, and 4 feet.... I can't believe it.

It's one of those fleeting thoughts that cross your mind as you go in. "I wonder if it's twins" but you never actually expect it to be!

I was feeling totally prepared before. I had done this 3 times before. I know how to handle a new baby, but I'm not sure how to handle 2 new babies... How exactly does one breastfeed 2 babies?

Both babies seem quite proud to be boys, since they flashed us a number of times and made it QUITE obvious that they are boys. This will bring our family from 3 kids to 5, with 4 boys and one girl. Poor Shaya is destined to be the only girl it appears.

I suppose on the bright side, DH really thought this should be the last one, but I had reservations. I felt that I might want 1 more and wasn't ready to take perminent action yet. I guess that the Lord can find compromise anywhere. We will end up with 5 kids and I won't have to worry about morning sickness again.. yea!

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Blogger YarnThing said...

Bless our heart! What an amazing will defiantly have you hands full girlfriend!

Congrats on the new editions to your family!

Marly aka Yarn Thing

10:58 PM  

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