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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

oh, the things I'll do....

Oh the things I'll do to avoid frogging my work.

I am working on the sleeves for Rogue and making them silmultaniously on a circular needle. I did this so that they would be exactly the same, and that if I end up with more strange striping, it would stripe the same on both sleeves. I'm using both ends of a single center pull ball. I worked about 10 rows of twisted hem facing stitch, did a turning round, then proceeded onward and upward. The cable patterns required quite a bit of concentration, and at different points I found myself dropping down a few stitches in order to fix a minor mistake. When I had about 10 rows of cable pattern done, I turned my hem to the inside and knit it together with my current stitches in pattern to affix the hem. I don't know if this is what I was supposed to do, but it keeps me from having to sew it up later. After working all day, I had both sleeves up to the end of the cable pattern. Yea! That's 54 rows since I did my turning row. At this point the pattern gives me a stitch count. 63 stitches. Ok, I as I am working the 54th row I count my stitches. First sleeve has 62 stitches. Not bad! The second sleeve has 55... 55?! Did I miscount? Did I mean 65?! I count again about 4 times. It still comes out at 55. This is a 7 stitch difference, and obviously means that I forgot to do some increases on this sleeve that I did on the other one. A few stitches I could fudge, but 7?! This is about an inch and a half of fabric.

*SIGH* I put the darn thing down in disgust last night and went to bed. I'm so emotional at this point in my pregnancy that 7 stitches almost makes me cry. I write a quick whiney note to my knittingparent's group in the hopes of some good advice, and go to bed. This morning, someone suggested that I have my husband try them on and see if there is that much of a noticeable difference. So, rather than just rip it all out, I put both sleeves on waste yarn, lightly seemed them up and had DH try them on. He noticed...

He knows that I don't want to rip it out, but he very hesitantly said that he would really like them to be the same. *Sigh* I guess I'm ripping it out. At least it's only 1 sleeve. The problem is now, how far do I rip it back? I looked back through my work and can't really find any one place where I made a mistake. "hmm, I might have missed an increase here.. 6 more to find" Do I rip it back to where I joined the hem? That puts me in the middle of a cable row, and as I rip apart cables they have a tendancy to untwist and it's a major headache to put them back where they should be. Do I rip back to where I did my turning round? That would work, except now I have all those loops from where I removed my provisional cast on. Well, that's only 10 more rows. All the way back to the beginning I go. At least I know it will be correct from the beginning. So, I went from 2 matching sleeves, to this:


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