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Friday, February 17, 2006

Mommy Take my picture!

We're feeling a little silly in our house this morning, but at least we're all dressed! I feel like a good mom this morning because of just pouring a bowl of cereal like normal, I pulled out the box of bisquick and made chocolate chip pancakes. This is actually Alex's favorite food in the world. More than hot dogs, more than Chicken nuggets, even more than PB&J.... well, probably not more than cookies or candy. After all, what other food, that's not a desert, involves chocolate?! I suppose in true Mexican cooking there are some dishes that have a Mole (chocolate sauce) but we won't count those.

I think I finally got a decent picture of my cable work. The color of the blue is off, but I think you all know what color it is by now. Trying to get my camera to show that kind of detail in a dark color is a pain in the butt. I think I'll set my goal to finish the hood by the end of tomorrow, but will probably finish before then. Well, that depends on how much I play video games with my wonderful husband instead of


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