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Monday, February 13, 2006

Day 3 progress

Happy Monday morning everyone!

I accomplished my goal yesterday of getting the pocket reattached, plus I did 3 more rounds! I am now almost out of yarn on my second ball, and had to wind another one last night. This time I didn't use a marker, I used a size 15 single point needle. Worked like a charm :D I know it's probably a waste of time to wind all my skeins into balls as I need them, and I really probably should have done it a long time ago when I first got the yarn, but there are a few reasons why I didn't.
  1. I don't know exactly how many skeins I'll use out of the 10 I bought, and don't want the yarn to stretch out while living in balls.
  2. I want to have some bands left over on yarn so that I have washing instructions, etc.
  3. I didn't know how to make a center pull ball that worked, and didn't see the point in winding into balls that would roll around, when I could use the skein that would roll around too.
So, I used my first center pull ball yesterday, and it was wonderful. It sat happily next to me on the chair and didn't move at all, just let the yarn feed from the center hole like it was coming out of no where. I now have 58 more rounds to go before the arm pits on the sweater. That means I'm half way there! Go me! My goal today is to get half of that done. I think 29 rounds is a reasonably goal :D

Now it is time to go take a shower and start the day. I don't have to leave the house until about 9:30 and if I take a quick shower I'll be able to get in some knitting before heading out. Then again, since the kids are running around wild, and my husband is home.... Maybe I'll take a LONG shower. *wink wink*


Blogger b.b. said...

Looking good :) I love the Rogue sweater, but the thought of cables scares me, lol. Maybe someday, when I am a bit more advanced in my knitting.

8:22 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Lol, I guess all of us have our knitting things that worry us. I don't think I've really found mine yet I figure if other people can do it, I can too :D

Besides, cables are really easy, especially with as wonderful of directions as come with the Rogue and Eris patterns :D

4:05 PM  

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