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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Wednesday Morning

Good morning out there!

Amazingly I got more accomplished in the last 2 days than I had thought I would, which is always good! I completed circular section of the sweater yesterday, and then continued on to do 18 more rows on the back of the sweater after dividing it. At this rate, I'm thinking that I'll definitely have the main body of the sweater done by tomorrow night. This means I will only have the hood (with lots of cable work) and the sleeves to do! I'm rocking and rolling here!

Ahhh Valentine's day. My wonderful husband doesn't like that he has to buy a gift just because it is a holiday, so I got my flowers and a silver locket on Friday. The flowers are still beautiful today! I love Costco flowers. I am always at a loss for what men, or more importantly my husband wants for Valentines. So, we had a little talk one day, where it came out that really men don't want anything. They want sex. All the money in the relationship goes into a good gift for the woman in the hopes that he will get sex. Lol, that's a little cynical for me, but hey, if he says that he doesn't want a present, that works for me. Candles, lingerie, and a little adult time it is!

My husband worked late last night. Tuesdays are his late shift, so he didn't get home until about 9pm. In a lot of ways this was very good. It meant that I could spend most of the afternoon knitting and that the kids were in bed for the afore mentioned adult time. I did the dishes while dinner cooked; corndogs and tater tots. I suppose you could call that a mommy love Then we played "clean up the living room" I'm so pregnant at this point now (the doctor told me no baby this weekend, but it could be any time now that I'm 37 weeks) that bending over and picking up toys makes me very tired. I pretty much have to sit in one spot and scoot around on the floor. So, we play "clean up the living room" instead. I sit in my chair and we play "I spy" looking for things that need to be put away. Doing this, my 4 and 2 yr olds cleaned up all the toys and misc clothes that accumulate in the living room through out the day. We then had to clean up their room, because as they take things from the living room, they just dump it in the doorway of their room. This process took about a half an hour. Not bad! Kids then got a bath while I sat and read a book, only occasionally reminding them to not scream. By this point it was about 7:45 and bed time is 8pm. Eh, close enough. I took some special time putting each child to bed, then proceeded to clean up my room a bit. This means I actually made the bed, cleared off the floor, I found every candle in the place and lit them, put on something sexy. I find it amazing that I have lingerie that fits perfectly when I'm not pregnant, but still fits decently well when I only have 3 weeks left! I suppose it's the giant slit up the side and the low back. I hope DH appreciated the special evening. I haven't felt particularly amorous lately, what with being tired, and giant like a whale, but I felt very close to him last night and very much in love. It's nice to know it's all still there 2 1/2 kids and 6 yrs later. After all, we're doing much better than almost any Hollywood couple you choose too Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's day yesterday too, whether you have a special someone at the moment or not.


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