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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Life, a big dirt lot, cute baby smiles, and everything

Good afternoon world. Today is my first Tuesday by myself with the kids since Brendan joined us. DH works late shift on Tuesdays. This is usually the hardest day of the week for me, because I know from the moment that DH walks out the door until the kids go to bed they are all mine. No one is coming home to rescue me. I don't have a car to go anywhere. Such is life. Being the soft hearted mommy that I am, and in hopes that they will all sleep at once, I allowed the 2 older kids to watch Buzz Lightyear instead of sending them to bed right after lunch. If they all sleep at once, then mommy might get a nap too! What a wonderful thought.

I was really worried about Shaya being jealous of the baby. She would scream if I had Alex sit in my lap instead of her, but she doesn't seem to mind the baby. In fact, her number 1 complaint seems to be that she can't hold the baby while I feed him. I have to watch them carefully so that she doesn't try to pick him up. She thinks he is the best baby doll she has ever seen. DH affectionately calls him a "Burp me Brendan" doll.

Have I mentioned that I'll be spending the rest of the day in a 900 square foot apartment with 3 kids and no yard? Have I mentioned before how this irritates me? Well, the wait for a yard, and a larger home is almost over! DH and I have been very patiently waiting on the infuriating rules of my grandmother's county to quit making her jump through hoops, and allow her to give us her very generous gift of land. My grandmother owns 20 some acres of horse property here, and for over a year now has been wrangling with her county to allow her to subdivide off 2 1/2 acres to give to DH and I. It is the front corner of her property, and we would be her closest neighbors. Well, it is official. As of last Wednesday, DH and I are the proud new owners of a big piece of dirt! Isn't that exciting? We have a meeting with our builder on Friday to put down a deposit and start the process of building our very own home. Our condo has served us well, and was wonderful when we first got married. Our only child then was a cat that DH gave to me as a wedding present. Now we have 3 kids and no place for them to run. It's time to move on. The thought of a yard for the kids, a swing set, grass, and another bedroom are wonderful. I am also excited about the though of linoleum in the dining room instead of carpet like we have now. Trying to scrub food that the toddler has dropped out of carpet isn't very much fun. Maybe some time down the road I'll even convince DH that we need some sheep. Of course I'll have to learn how to spin before that happens :D

It never seems to amaze me, however, that as soon as we have money to spare, something comes along to suck it up. Instead of looking at this as someone is out to get me, I like to look at it as God is watching over me. He makes the car run those few extra months until DH gets a bonus before it breaks down. This time, our washing machine broke down. Amazingly enough, DH gets his spring bonus this Friday. I went to wash the slip cover from our couch which was looking grimey the other day for my 1 load of laundry, and pulled out the knob and nothing happened. I should stop assuming that DH knows anything about household repair at this point because when he got home and I told him that the washer wasn't working, he replied "I guess we'll have to take a trip to the laundry mat this week" I hate the laundry mat! I have really loved only doing 1 load of laundry every day for the past month that I have been following fly lady. I haven't really known what to do with myself in the mornings since that part of my morning routine is gone. That being said, I know DH has logic behind his reluctance to call a repair person. We will be getting a brand new house in a few months. If the new house comes with a new washer and dryer, then we shouldn't waste the money fixing this one. This means that we would have to do laundry at the laundry mat for the next few months YUCK! So, I called our builder this morning and asked them if the house appliance package included a washer and dryer. It doesn't. So, we will either need to repair this one, or buy a new one for the new house anyway. Of course that means that I, not my DH, will be calling the repair person, but that's ok. I'm the one who cares whether we have a washer in the house.

The funny thing is, that I wasn't thinking about the laundry mat when I first found out the washer was broken. My first thought was "Hmm, I guess I won't be doing any felting any time soon." Do you think the people at the laundry mat would be upset if I threw some felting into their washers?

Oh, look! In the time it took me to make this post, all 3 kids are asleep. Nap time for mommy!


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