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Friday, April 07, 2006

Mother's Day Scarf

As promised, here are pictures of the Mother's Day Scarf~ Branching Out!

This is my very first completed lace project. I have started several, but this is the first one I have completed. It is a very easy pattern, and very quick. I have plans to make 4 of these, and one of them will be traveling to my MIL in Idaho. This first specimen is done in recycled silk/angora yarn that looked a bit bedraggled as I knit with it. I didn't dekink it before I knit, so I wanted to block it and see how it turned out before I decided if I wanted to make another one in this yarn. It is incredibly light and floaty. Just a little something to make you feel feminine and beautiful :D
Here it is straight off the needles, and before blocking

Here it is after a quick bath with baby shampoo and all pinned out to block on my bed. I had to pin it diagonally because it's too long to go I also used a method I read about online. I don't have blocking wires (though I'd like to get some) so I pulled some crochet cotton through it all along the edges and pinned the cotton. I then pulled it as tight as I could. This lets me use fewer pins and hopefully will keep the edges nice and straight.


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