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Saturday, November 24, 2007

It's going to be one of those days

I already know that it's going to be one of those days. One of those days where you count the minutes until your husband will be home from work.
It all started when I went to put a load of laundry in (which still needs to be moved over) and noticed that Odin, the male member of our bunny pair was laying dead, stiff as a board in his cage. Both bunnies had just been into the vet less than a month ago to be checked out. Odin had been neutered and all seemed to be going fine. I have no idea what happened. The poor thing is now laying on the snow covered back porch until I figure out what to do with him. It's so sad. He's still such a pretty bunny as he's laying there. *sigh*

While cleaning out and thoroughly scrubbing the cage the rest of my children proceeded to yell and scream and generally have a good time in the family room. Currently, the floor is covered in puzzle pieces and other toys. They are now yelling and screaming at the lunch table and trying to get up and run around when mommy isn't looking.

Alex is trying to "earn" money for his Santa's secret shop fund and has been doing little jobs around the house, which would be great if a 6 yr old's idea of sweeping the floor was the same as mine. Just because you can't see the sugar you spilled on the floor earlier, doesn't mean that it's not there for mommy to step in. *sigh*

I haven't gotten hardly any yarn work done this week because of the holiday and the fact that we had 2 different doctor appointments this week. Since I don't make any money if I don't wind yarn I've been feeling extremely guilty. Not too guilty to knit with my spare time, mind you, but guilty all the same. What I have managed to accomplish, though, is to knit a lot of small objects.
I met my new OB, who seems quite nice. My family practice doctor, who has delivered all 3 of my other children, can't handle delivering twins, so he referred me to his wife's OB. I'm now taking a whole battery of vitamins and such, including a DHA supplement. It's supposed to be good for baby brains and eyesight. That's wonderful, but I find it really obnoxious and totally wrong that the package strongly implies that if you don't take this supplement your child will be stupid and have horrible eyesight. Glad to know that's what they think of my current children, and almost everyone else on the planet.

Let's look at some knitting. That always makes me feel better.

Both hat and mitten sets are Christmas presents. The left set is for my niece Sam. It is my flower petal hat pattern and improvised mittens knit in Caron Simply Soft and Bernat Boa. The right set is for her brother Evan. It is a the Fiber Trends Ear Cozies hat and improvised mittens knit in Plymouth Encore and Caron Simply Soft. I prefer wool for mittens since it's so much warmer and dry so much quicker, but some how I don't think my sister is fond of hand washing.

This set is for Shaya. It is also an Ear cozies hat, but with a rounded top this time. It is knit in my own handspun yarn and Bernat Boa. The yarn is spun from Coper Moose roving in Colorful Rainforest. I split the roving lengthwise into thin strips and then spun it woolen into a mostly worsted weight single. The finished yarn had a really wonderful barber pole effect with the different bright colors on the dark teal background. It made a really neat self striping yarn when I knit it up since each strip of roving had a different color in it and I just spun the strips one after another. I had 2 skeins of this yarn and it was enough for the hat and mitten set, and a Calorimetry headband. I still have a little ball left, which will probably go in one of these as soon as I can find my clear balls.
This headband is an amazingly quick knit. I think I will be making a lot more of them. This one still needs a button, but I love how squishy, and pretty, and lovely it is.


Blogger Michelle said...

Yikes! I hope your day got better fast.

And I'll keep my opinions of the DHA supplements (mostly the thinly-veiled threats they come along with) to myself. I think you've already heard them, though.

6:54 PM  

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