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Friday, February 24, 2006

Hovering along

Good morning everyone. This picture was taken a few days ago, but makes me smile, so I'm putting it here at the top.

I am tired this morning. I have done more than I usually do in a whole day and it's only 9am. Don't you all laugh at me here, I'm currently 2 weeks away from my due date with this baby and almost any exertion makes me very tired. What I have done this morning:
  1. Got dressed (no shower, but I did wash and moisturize my face, as well as put up my hair).
  2. Got 2 kids dressed and hair combed (I didn't lay out my own clothes last night, but I did lay out the kids clothes).
  3. Wiped down the sink in the bathroom (it was really very disgusting, but we won't talk about that)
  4. Put in a load of white laundry.
  5. Made breakfast for the 3 of us (chereos. Alex pored his own)
  6. Moved laundry to the dryer.
  7. Read email while I ate breakfast.
  8. Unloaded the dishwasher that I so wonderfully ran last night.
  9. Cleaned up a BIG milk spill on the dining room table.
  10. Rinsed out Cereal bowls and glasses and put them in the dishwasher.
  11. Finished reading email and rested.
  12. Knit 4 rows on the Rogue Sleeves.
  13. Took laundry out of the dryer while it was still warm, folded it, and put it away!
  14. Took the towels out of the bathroom and threw them in the washer (I walked into the bathroom and they smelled musty and yucky. They needed to be washed, and won't require folding when they are done :D )
While I was resting this morning, Alex played an hour of Game cube, and Shaya attended to her "baby's" Pushing them around in their stroller, feeding them, having me feed them, etc. I am at a bit of a loss for what to do now. I feel like I should be doing more since I have some momentum, but it's good that I have completed my morning routine and more, since I have zero energy to do any more. Now why should you all care about what I have accomplished this morning? I'm not trying to make you feel inferior because you haven't done these things, I am trying to pat myself on the back. I need lots of positive reinforcement. This is my online diary, and I'm going to use it to pat myself on the back :D Good job Dawn! You are on the ball! Your house looks wonderful! You can see the floor, you have clean underwear in your drawer, your sink is clean, and you still have no idea what you are going to make for dinner! *Sigh* it's 9am Dinner can wait.

I got up to the shoulder decreases in my Rogue sleeves last night like I had planned. It was almost 10:00 and I wanted to finish watching the women's figure skating, but 10:00 is my bed time. If I don't go to bed by then I'll be miserable in the morning when the kids wake me up between 6 and 6:30. My goal today is to finish the sleeves so that they can be seemed and sewn onto the sweater. This will mean that it is done!

Ok, 1 more picture to make me smile before I sign off!


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