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Friday, April 14, 2006

Easter Eggs

It's that time of year. It's time to color Easter Eggs! On Tuesday evening (because we had more time than Monday) we did a special family home evening and colored eggs. Poor DH got roped into doing most of it because Brendan insisted that he needed someone to love him.... Hmm, isn't there a song something like that "Somebody to love". Oh now I'm going to have that in my head all

It's not that coloring Easter eggs is a bad thing, it's quite fun, that's why I insist that we do it, even though no one in the house will eat these hard boiled eggs. It just tends to be a bit messy. DH abhors messes in all wet, or icky forms. He's the kind of person who would really need to put on rubber gloves to clean out the cat box, or scrub "icky" dishes. Here he is valiantly, though, supervising the egg dying.
Alex doesn't think ththat waiting for Daddy to mix the colors and then wait for Shaya to get to help daddy carefully put the egg in the cup is very interesting.
"Who wants to color eggs?" Apparently Alex doesEggs take too long to actually dye for small children, especially when you have a daddy that won't let you keep picking up the eggs to see if they're done. This causes spills, or little hands to become dyed too, therefore we need to sing songs while we wait for the dye to set. Putting your hands up in the air to sing twinkle twinkle star, or Popcorn tree, keeps them away from the dye and the spoons.

On a completely different note, I'm plugging away on Somewhat Cowl for the sexy knitter's club knit along. I'm using recycled yarn, and size 3 needles. It is the same gauge as everyone else who is knitting the darn thing, but for some reason size 3 makes me feel like I'm knitting FAR more than people who are using size 5. One person is even using size 6. How on earth do I get gauge on size 3 and someone else does on size 6?! I must be a loose knitter. I can't imagine anyone knitting tighter, though, how do you get your needle through the stitch?!

I almost didn't' knit anything for the knit along, because the pattern has a very low neckline. I didn't particularly want to have to wear a cami under a sweater that is supposed to be a spring sweater, but I realized "Hey! I'm knitting this thing! I don't need to make the neckline that deep!" So, I didn't. When I joined under the reglan sleeves, I went ahead and joined for the center of the cowl too. I'm thinking that once I knit the cowl it will fall just right, about where the fop buttoned button on my shirt is.


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